Blood Loss, IVs, Stabilzation

Blood Loss

Blood loss is divided into 5 classes, 4 of which have a cautionary text accompanied with them:


Class 1

No warning text

6 liters (default)

Class 2

Lost some blood

5.1 liters

Class 3

Lost a lot of blood

4.2 liters

Class 4

Lost a large amount of blood

3.6 liters

Class 5

Lost a fatal amount of blood

3 liters

Generally what we recommend to aspiring medics is to not treat class 5 blood loss as doing so would require over 2 liters of IV fluids to stabilize them. Class 4 blood loss should only be treated if the supply situation allows it.



A blood infusion will transfer blood into the system of the patient. Be careful with the amount of it.


A propofol infusion will cause anesthesia on a patient. The anesthesia will stop after the infusion has finished.


A patient is considered stable when:

  • Are bleeding at a rate slower than 1/4 of their cardiac output. (Pretty extensive to account for so just take this as saying the patient should preferentially have all wounds bandaged).

  • Their pulse is above 40.

  • Their blood pressure is above 50/60.

  • They have class 1 or 2 blood loss.

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