Wounds & Bandages


Each limb on the body can receive different types of injury. Each injury has a different level of pain and bleeding that it will inflict.

Each injury type also has a set of treatment procedures that are best suited for it - these will be laid out in the subsequent chapter about rendering aid.



Also called scrapes, abrasions are the result of friction against a rough surface. Typically caused by vehicle collisions and falling.


Avulsions occur when a major structure is removed by force, such as larger types of gunshot wounds (GSW).


Contusions are the result of a forceful trauma that damages an internal structure without breaking the skin. Some causes include vehicle collisions and falling.


Caused by falling or vehicle collisions, crush wounds are wounds where the skin has been split and tearing underlying structures or shattering them.


Cuts are slicing wounds that produce even edges and can be as minor as a paper cut or significant as a surgical incision. Primarily caused by shrapnel and explosions.


Lacerations are slicing wounds that produce ragged edges. Most often the result of vehicle collisions or falling.

Velocity Wound

Caused by small objects entering the body at high speed, typically a bullet or small pieces of shrapnel.

Puncture Wound

Deep, narrow wounds produced by sharp objects like knives or very small pieces of shrapnel.


Field Dressing

Field dressing is average treatment, a jack of all trades, master of none.

Packing bandages

Packing bandages have a higher re-opening chance than field dressings, but a longer reopening delay than other forms of treatment.

Elastic bandages

Elastic bandages can treat any wound in just one bandage but have a much higher re-opening chance and shorter reopening delay compared to other bandages.


QuikClot is a clotting agent that promotes the body's natural clotting process. It is a lot less effective than the other types of bandages, but have a significantly lower chance of reopening, and if they do re-open, they take a long time to do so.

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